Welcome to the 27th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF)
Commodities Import and Export


ATA Carnet is effective in Macau


According to the rules of External Trade Law, all goods listed in the Import List (Table B) of  the Chief Executive Order  368/2006, must apply import license from the competent authorities in-charge. The necessary documents must be submitted to the customhouse for clearance at the day of picking up the goods.


Table B (including: livestock, animals, food, pharmaceutical products, chemical products, dutiable  commodities. equipments and raw materials for production of optical discs, transceivers, arms and ammunitions) are Commodities Subject to Prior  Authorization Regime


Only Importation Declaration is required to be filled out for articles other than those listed in the Import List (Table B) and to be submitted together with all supporting document at the day of picking up the goods.


Articles subject to sanitary or phyto-sanitary quarantine must be inspected by Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau.


Importers do not need to come in person but may go through an agent to process customs clearance procedure. For further information, please click here.

Exhibits Imports Compliance

All exhibits (including gifts, retail, food tasting) are required to meet legal requirements of the Macao Special Administrative Region of imports. If you have any questions, please call or visit the following website.

Macao Customs Service

Hotline: (853) 8989 4317


Macao Economic and Technological Development Bureau

Hotline: (853) 8597 2618 / (853) 8597 2602


Municipal Affairs Bureau

Hotline: (853) 8795 2643 / (853) 8795 2646